OilTrap Environmental Products, Inc. is the manufacturing company of the state-of-the-art ElectroPulse Electrocoagulation (EC) water treatment systems. EC technology can treat a wide variety of water, from 5 GPM-300+,  look around our website to see some of the applications we service regularly.

News and Updates

Download our latest press release here: OilTrap Environmental 20 years Press Release

See our Wash Water Technical Data here.

Stormwater Treatment and Management system updates.

See the Information Packets on the following Electrocoagulation Technologies:

EL5 for Marinas, Boatyards and Shipyards

Wash Water Treatment for the Transportation Industry

Electrocoagulation for Stormwater Treatment

30 Second Demonstration

OilTrap Environmental Demonstration from OilTrap Environmental on Vimeo.

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