Oil Field Services

Oil Drilling processes and cleaning oilfield equipment both produces a huge amount of polluted water, filled with emulsions, grease, organics and more. These days, we are always looking to become more environmentally friendly and more effective in our business. That is why, the ElectroPulse Electrocoagulation system by OilTrap Environmental Inc. is the best possible water treatment solution for oilfield services. Using cutting edge technology, we can guarantee results that will be of quality to reuse or safely discharge into a sewer.

Not only is it cost-effective, but also almost 100% automated reducing operator time and saving you the stress that comes from out-dated technologies such as filtration, chemicals and bioremediation. The ElectroPulse EC system has been determined to be the greenest, and most effective water treatment system on the market- Even earning a LEEDS (U.S. Green Building Council) recognition. OilTrap Environmental Inc. has earned the respect and loyalty of small and large companies alike. Call us today to see what we can do youre your specific applications.

See the brochure here: Oil Field Services Water Treatment

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