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Electrocoagulation System

The OilTrap EP5 Electrocoagulation ElectroPulse system


OilTrap Environmental has been manufacturing the ElectroPulse system since 1993 and has over 400 very successful systems in operation. The ElectroPulse system represents a major advancement in wastewater treatment using electrocoagulation (EC), a revolutionary electrical-based technology for effectively treating complex waste streams economically and on-site. The ElectroPulse systems 1-step process removes a broad range of contaminants including heavy metals, suspended solids, and emulsified oil & grease without the use of filters or separation chemicals. Dewatered sludge treated by the OilTrap ElectroPulse system will generally pass the TCLP test. All processes on the ElectroPulse system are completely automatic including pH adjustment, sludge management and cell power control.


The OilTrap ElectroPulse system can either treat the wastewater and discharge to sewer or provide the customer with zero discharge for complete recycling of use wash water.
OilTrap designs systems ranging from 5 GPM to 300 GPM for stormwater applications. Standard wash water designs are as follows:
EP5-SD – 5 gallons per minute, treat and discharge to sewer
EP5-WR – 5 gallons per minute, zero discharge
EP10-SD – 10 gallons per minute, treat and discharge to sewer
EP10-WR – 10 gallons per minute, zero discharge
Larger systems are available for high flow applications.


Site Constraints/Installation Requirements

For a potential customer, our team of application experts is ready to assist in solving your water processing challenges. As part of our service, we conduct a FREE Waste Stream Feasibility Test, using a wastewater sample from your facility, that will tell you very specifically the type of ElectroPulse system that will meet your needs, the quality of water you can expect to receive from your system, initial system cost, operational cost and footprint. We will assist you in engineering a wash pad specific to application. In climates where the temperatures are below freezing when you are doing your final boat washing for the season we do recommend having the equipment installed in some type of enclosure to prevent the unit from freezing. That can be as simple as a garden shed, overseas container or a pre-existing building.
After the purchase: Our toll free help desk is available 24/7 to answer any of your questions, including operational changes, water quality and staff/management changes. This service is provided for the life of the system.

Electrocoagulation container system


Pollution Prevention


The 1-Step ElectroPulse system quickly removes heavy metals, emulsified oil & grease, and suspended solids including bottom paint and marine debris. No filters to clean, change or backwash. The ElectroPulse system not only removes heavy metals such as copper, zinc, tin, lead, chromium, etc but oxides them so the dewater sludge will generally pass a TCLP test. Treats complex waste streams with guaranteed results. Low operating cost; quick ROI. No hazardous or messy chemicals needed. OilTrap Environmental offers a performance warranty on most systems provided, stating that the system will perform as promised with proper pretreatment or the FOB cost of the system will be refunded upon the systems return to the factory.


Packaged with on-board automation, the ElectroPulse system is fully automated reducing maintenance by up to 95% and creating significant labor savings. We do require a daily visual inspection of the equipment, other then that the unit has no filters and requires no separation chemicals, so it doesn’t require any daily maintenance.


The cost of wastewater treatment, including electricity and consumables, typically is less than about $3.00 per 1000 gallons of treated water, or less than 1/3-cent per gallon. Also, there are significant savings in labor costs because the system is fully automated. The ElectroPulse is extremely effective in treating complex waste streams at flow rates of 5 GPM to 300 GPM and higher, if needed. There are no filters to clean and no hassles or liability in disposing of filters or filtering media.


OilTrap Environmental has systems that have been in operation that are over 15 years old and all are still in great shape and fully operational. All of the components on our units are stainless steel, marine grade aluminum or HDPE plastic. This allows for our units to with stand some of the harshest environments.

Potential Problems & Solutions

OilTrap is the leading manufacturer of electrocoagulation water treatment systems. OilTrap engineers have developed processes that eliminate the need for cleaning the cell plates, contaminants are repelled away from the plate surface and not onto it. This is a critical function for successful and consistent results. Furthermore, the Electro-Pulse features automation that ensures a highly effective and virtually maintenance-free operation, including remote diagnostics when a phone line is available.


We require a minimum 500 gallon baffled pit prior to our equipment for separation of heavy solids and debris. This tank does not have to be located in-ground, it can be an above ground cone-bottom tank for pre-separation.

Disposal of Effluent

The treated water can either be sent back to your power washer for reuse or discharged to sanitary sewer (if available). OilTrap Environmental provides a Performance Warranty that states the system will provide treated water acceptable for sewer discharge.

Other Additional Information

Proven and Effective with nearly 20 years experience, OilTrap Environmental leads the way with the revolutionary process for treatment of industrial wastewater and stormwater. The performance of the ElectroPulse system has been proven by third party testing laboratories. The system is self-contained and turnkey. OilTrap Environmental provides installation, training and support for the life of the system.



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